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Отзыв от Рональда Патрика, Чили

Раздел: Анонс событий /  Дата: 7 Ноябрь, 2016 в 12:45 /  Просмотров: 92

Last weekend, together with the crew of Siberia Discovery Team and my new Novosibirsk friends, I had the most incredible experience in Altai Republic. The 3 day journey begun early morning on Friday where we drove south towards the mountains close to the city of Gorno Altaisk. The region is getting the first snows before it gets completely covered for long long time. It snowed that whole day in Altai, and when we woke up the next day, the sun was shining, and the trees were beautifully and heavily covered with snow. So we head to the woods for an amazing half day trekking towards the Blue Lakes, formed only in autumn and winter in the Katun river. The light was striking all day long, powder snow covered all ground vegetation, just letting us see some fragile twigs. Not a drop of wind made the water still and not a sound could be heard except for the woodpeckers and some other birds around. It was like another planet. After some good lunch in good company we head over to another short trekking to see petroglyphs, in a beautiful climbing spot with defying steep walls lit up by the afternoon sun. Then it was time for Banya… A whole new experience for me, where after it, I went floating back to bed. What a day! On out final day, we made our way back home, passing through Tavdinsky caves and Manzherok ski resort to go up the mountain and have an amazing overall view of Altai mountains. A perfect wrap! I can’t be more grateful to Denis and Siberia Discovery Team. A journey like this becomes a true experience when you go with the right people, who make every detail count to make it unforgettable. THANKS GUYS!!


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